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Postcards From The Future DVD

Postcards From The Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary takes a look at author Chuck Palahniuk's landmark year of 2003. With back to back books and subsequent tours hitting the public, Chuck's year was filled with success, controversy, and even phenomena. But what many fans don ít know is that this entire year kicked off with a mysterious conference held on his work in a small town in Pennsylvania.

As guests of the conference, my fellow documentarians and I attended the three day event and captured some of the most exclusive material a fan could hope for. Chuck read from his novels, hosted multiple Q&As, gave an hour long exclusive presentation, participated in a screening of Fight Club, signed books and, best of all, sat down for a very candid one hour interview. But it wasn ít until the days of editing this piece together that followed that we realized the true gift of the conference for Chuck had attended with a very important motive and message for his fans: To evolve a generation of young readers into writers.

Directed & Edited by Joshua Chaplinsky, Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer

DVD Details:

2003 / NTSC / All Region DVD
Release: Available now!
Distribution: / Kinky Mule Films
Format: 2 DVD Set (pressed)
Genre: Documentary
Length: 90 minutes
Bonus Features: (disk 2) 12 Deleted Scenes, Interviews, Trailer & Short Film
Copyright: ©2003



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Clip: On creating masturbation

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