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Posted by Dennis

Read Chuck's Introduction To 'Burnt Tongues: Stories'

While Chuck's next novel Beautiful You won't be released until October of this year, a couple months earlier another project he's been heavily involved with-- a passion project, if you were-- will become available. Burnt Tongues: Stories is an anthology of transgressive fiction written by... well... you. The fans. Constructed over many years, these stories were a part of Chuck's online writers workshop. While the workshop shut its doors a few years back, for a long time it thrived on this website, with Chuck reading and critiquing the best works each month.

Posted by Dennis

Video: 'Fight Club' Minus Tyler Durden

'Fight Club' Minus Tyler Durden

This is one of those things where I wonder why it took someone so long to do it.  And now that I see it, it's pretty awesome.  This video was edited by Richard Trammell who initially posted it on Reddit. Commentors there are now begging Richard to re-edit the entire film like this. There's even been passionate suggestions to start a Kickstarter to fund the effort.

Posted by Dennis

'Cannibal' A New Original Story by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahiuk short story 'Cannibal'

I say 'new' on this one, but 'recent' is probably the more appropriate term.  'Cannibal' was featured in the May 2013 issue of Playboy.  In Chuck's words, this was the story intended to out-do 'Guts' in the ick factor (you'll see why).  So read it on an empty stomach.

Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Blu-ray On Sale At Amazon

'Fight Club' Blu-ray

Don't normally do this, but shit, sometimes you are your fuckin' khakis, and this deal is too good to pass up.  Fight Club on Blu-ray is currently only $3.99 on Amazon (at the time of this post).  That's sort of nuts.  So if you don't own the blu-ray yet, now's the time to get it.

Buy 'Fight Club' on Blu-ray here!

Special Features include: