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Posted by Dennis

Snuff Promo - Chuck Palahniuk Interviews Porn Legend Cassie Wright - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a three part interview Chuck Palahniuk composed with porn legend Cassie Wright, star of Chuck's upcoming novel 'Snuff'!

Stay tuned for Part 3 soon, as well as a whole slew of videos leading up to the release of 'Snuff' on May 20th!

Posted by Dennis

Interview: Shawna Kenney, Author of 'I Was A Teenage Dominatrix'

'I Was A Teenage Dominatrix' by Shawna KenneyWill Tupper returns with one of his best interviews for The Cult yet.  Author Shawna Kenney sits down to discuss her work in the California punk scene, her journey to writing, and her two books I Was A Teenage Dominatrix and Imposters.

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour Dates - Updated With Phone Numbers & Signing Instructions

'Snuff' by Chuck PalahniukUpdated With Phone Numbers & Signing Instructions!

I contacted Chuck's publicist this weekend about ticket info, and he got back to me with not only phone numbers (below) you should each call for event info, but also specific instructions on how the signing is going to work at each store.  I'll begin with that.

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's April Essay: Objects

Chuck Palahniuk's April Essay: ObjectsIt's April 1st!  Spring is on the horizon.  I've got some bad news though, folks.  Chuck decided not to do an essay for this month.  He's too busy working on the new book.  I'll just stop right there.  That was a horrible attempt at an April Fool's Day prank.  Wow, I think I'm getting old or something.  No worries, the essay is here.

Chuck has comitted to 1 year of these, so expect 9 more yet for 2008.  Also remember that, for the first month they are posted, these essays are only available to Premium Members.  Basic Members can view them one month later.  So come April 1st, this new essay will be available to all, free, for one month only. 

Read Chuck's April Essay, Objects

You can also now read the March essay: Body Language Part 1 here!

Posted by Mark Vanderpool

Craig Clevenger Returns To The Cult!


Around this time last year we hosted one of our most popular writing intensives ever: 

The Contortionist’s Hotseat with author Craig Clevenger

Posted by Dennis

'Pygmy': Chuck Palahniuk's 2009 Novel, Plot Revealed!

In emailing back and forth with Chuck earlier this week, I asked him what he's been up to.  I might have been feeling him out for what he's been working on a little.  But it wasn't my primary intention.  Still, little did I know he'd be willing to reveal this much, about his follow-up book to 'Snuff'. 

The book is called 'Pygmy', and it's already written!  Read on below for the plot:

Posted by Dennis

Interview: Zach Levi, Star Of NBC's 'Chuck'

Zach Levi InterviewOur latest interview on the Cult is with Zach Levi, the star of NBC's hot show 'Chuck'.  Zach has a new horror movie out on DVD now called 'Spiral'.  And not only does Zach have a part in it, but he executive produced it!