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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's September Essay, "Tell A Lie, Bury A Gun"

/workshop/chucks-essays-2008-33Hello all! Hope you're all enjoying the start of your weekend. As you know, Chuck is just getting back from a few events in NY to promote the upcoming Sep 26th release of 'Choke'! I expect we'll see some pics and clips from those two events soon. In the meantime, he just sent over the September essay, "Tell A Lie, Bury A Gun".

Posted by Dennis

CHOKE Movie: Chuck Palahniuk Event At Borders In Los Angeles - Sep 13th!

Hey folks! This is just a reminder that Chuck is doing an event at Borders in Los Angeles on September 13th! Not to mention, he'll have Clark Gregg and Sam Rockwell with him! I had the chance to interview Clark Gregg in person on Tuesday, and he's a very awesome dude. You'll all want to get the chance to see him speak.

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Amy Hempel Interview

A Long Time Coming
Rob Hart
Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel is a tough interview.

I don't mean that to say she's rude or doesn't answer questions, it's just that this interview started more than two years ago.

The first time I approached her for this was Aug. 10, 2006, at a reading in the park at Union Square, where she joined other writers to read excerpts from Unleashed: Poems by Writers' Dogs.

By the end of the reading the skies opened. The kind of rain that changes the direction of rivers. She ducked under a tent and stayed to chat with friends and fans. When the crowd cleared, I made my pitch.

Posted by Dennis

CHOKE Movie: Soundtrack Listing Announced!

News On The Official Soundtrack for 'Choke'Let me start by saying that Radiohead is NOT doing the score for 'Choke'. Nor are they contributing a previously unreleased song for the soundtrack. Yes, that would be cool as all hell. But it's unfortunately not true. I have that from my contacts at Fox Searchlight, so you can believe it.

Posted by Dennis

Two More Upcoming Chuck Events! One In NYC & One In LA!

I heard from Chuck's publicist yesterday, Todd Doughty, with even more great news on promotion front. Chuck has TWO more upcoming events scheduled to promote CHOKE. It also turns out that Clark Gregg (director of 'Choke') will also be in attendance for Chuck's sold out August 30th reading at The Strand! Here are the two new dates:

UPDATE: No tickets are necessary for either of these events. It's strictly first come first serve.

Posted by Dennis

"Rant" Gets A Movie Option!

'Rant' gets a movie option!

I was contacted this week by a film industry friend and producer who has just optioned the rights to the movie version of 'Rant'. He kindly asked me to keep this nondescript for now, but I can say that 'Rant' is officially optioned now and is in the early stages of development. We'll keep you informed as they progress onward.

Posted by Mark Vanderpool

Cult Master's Program Breaks New Ground

Jon Leiberman Teaches The Latest Cult Master's Course!The Cult Master's Program is back in action with a fall line-up that breaks new ground, adding journalism and non-fiction writing to our exciting roster of upcoming classes.  First on this new menu is a killer opportunity for anyone who has ever admired the skills of top investigative reporters or wondered how to add depth and credibility to writing of all kinds through the deployment of advanced research and sleuthing skills.

To lead us on this journey, I have recruited a top player in the field.  Jon Leiberman is an Emmy award-winning investigative correspondent who has filed hundreds of reports on fugitives across the country and abroad for the FOX TV show “America’s Most Wanted.” An expert in all things crime, he regularly appears on shows including “The Today Show,” “Shepard Smith’s Fox Report”, “Nancy Grace,” “The Dan Abrams Report” and “The Maury Povich Show,” and is quoted extensively on crime stories in newspapers throughout the country.

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Christa Faust Interview

You Were Expecting A Dude?
Rob Hart
Christa Faust

Close your eyes. Well, not yet. Read the next paragraph first.

Picture a hard-boiled bad-ass. That noir anti-hero with blood-flecked armor, imperfect but too cool to show it. Lighting a cigarette and staring off into the distance with that world-weary look of someone who knows all the angles but still can't figure out how the hell they got into this mess.

OK, now you can close your eyes, and once you get that image of that person in your head, open them back up.


You pictured a guy, didn't you?