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CHOKE Movie: Premiere Magazine Interview With Clark Gregg

I didn't have a chance to post it at the time, but a couple weeks back I heard back again from Jenni Miller, a reporter for Premiere Magazine. While at the press junket for CHOKE in NY last month, she had the chance to interview most of the major players on the film. Here is her Q&A with director/writer Clark Gregg: Read The Interview Here
Posted by Dennis

Last Call For CHOKE Movie Contest Submissions

Chuck's new novel "Pygmy" is now being typeset. This means we have to get Chuck the winning contestant's name of the Choke Movie Contest, so he can include it as a character in the book. So consider this a last call for submissions.

If you participated in last weekend's contest and have pictures of you and friends holding you CHOKE movie ticket stubs, send them to:

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Chuck Palahniuk's October Essay, "A Story from Scratch, Act One"

/workshop/chucks-essays-2008-34Apologies for posting this one late, but Chuck has something special for you today that I think you're all going to agree was worth the wait. For years now, fans have loved and coveted these essays Chuck provides the site, on how to improve your writing. But there's one aspect of his lessons that people have wished for the most:

For the next three essays I'll be presenting three drafts of a short story I'm writing for a Dark Delicacies anthology. Folks have been asking for this kind of in-progress demonstration. The first draft will be a day or two past Oct. 1st, but each draft will describe my process and choices -- and the finished, polished version will be out in the actual book.

Read Chuck's October Essay, A Story from Scratch, Act One

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Want To Have Your Name In Chuck Palahniuk's Next Book?

UPDATE: The emails have started coming in, so this is just an update to ask all of you now to send in pictures you took if you participated in this weekend's Choke contest. You can email them to me at:
Want To Go See CHOKE This Weekend And Have Your Name In Chuck's Next Book?
Want to get a character named after you in Chuck Palahniuk's next book? All you have to do is get as many people as you possibly can to go see CHOKE this weekend. Is this for real? You damn well bet it is. Clark Gregg and I got on the phone yesterday and decided that we needed to hit the ball out of the park this weekend with the box office numbers on CHOKE. You see, Hollywood does math a lot differently than you and I do. And we are, right now, in one of the most crowded seasons for the movie market. Last weekend, CHOKE opened against an $80 million dollar movie produced by Stephen Speilberg on a night when most of America was watching Barack Obama debate John McCain on almost every news channel on TV. And this weekend, CHOKE enters its second weekend on the three days when, according to Variety, "A whopping seven wide releases" hit the theaters, making it one of the worst bottlenecks for new releases in recent memory. What does this mean for CHOKE? It means if CHOKE doesn't at least crack the top ten in this upcoming weekend's box office, it's chances for being around much longer are slim. What's sad is, CHOKE is competing against movies that opened up in over four times as many theaters. But it's still averaging better than most on a per theater basis! Why? Because it's a great film! And it's one that needs our support! And dammit, that's what we're gonna do!
Posted by Dennis

IMPORTANT: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend!

Just like the news title says: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend! If you planned on seeing it during the week, or even waiting to next weekend, or a couple weekends after that... don't.

We need you to see CHOKE this weekend. Now even. As soon as you're done with reading this, grab some friends, get your ticket, and head to the nearest theater showing it. (listings here)