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First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

"First As Tragedy, Then As Farce" by Slavoj Zizek
Phil Jourdan
The Slovenian post-Marxist strengthens his output with a valuable little book.

Slavoj Zizek has, several times and with increasing emphasis, made it clear what he believes to be the purpose of philosophy: not to answer questions, but ask better ones. Too often this insight is ignored. Critics ceaselessly draw attention to his personal charisma, his “innovative” blend of psychoanalysis and Hegelianism, and his prolific output, all at the cost of taking him seriously as a philosopher.

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Ten Questions for Peter Straub:Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone that sent in such thoughtful questions. It was difficult to narrow it down to ten.

The following people should expect their signed copies of A Dark Matter  by Peter Straub soon!

Drum roll...

  • Chris P, Supply, NC
  • Brent C, Brooklyn, NY 
  • Jerry F, Brainerd, MN
  • Katherine M, Medford MA
  • Carl L, Monroe, NY
  • India R, Duck, WV
  • Colin M, Lake Zurich, IL
  • John K, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Derek H, Tuam, Ireland
  • Eric B, Hydeville, VT

-The questions and answers will be posted as an interview in February!


Order 'A Dark Matter' Here!

 We have GREAT news for fans of aclaimed horror writer Peter Straub:  A DARK MATTER, Straub's  first novel in six  years  is being released next month on February 9th!

To celebrate, Mr. Straub has kindly consented to a fan-based "interview".  He will answer ten questions and if one of those questions is YOURS, you will receive a free copy of A DARK MATTER before it hits your local book store!

How this works:

  • Email your question to the following email address:
  • Include your first and last name and your mailing  address, along with your question.
  • We will then choose the 10 questions that go to Mr. Straub and notify you if yours is chosen. You will be identified in the the interview by your first name and city.
  • If the same, or a very similar question, is asked, we will either choose the one that was submitted first, or the one that is more grammatically correct and eloquent. So choose your questions and your words carefully!
  • The cut-off date for questions is next Thursday, January 28th at 9:00 PM, Pacific Time.

Peter Straub has received numerous literary honors such as the Bram Stoker Award (several times), the World Fantasy Award, and International Horror Guild Award. He's prolific and amazing and writes some damn scary books!

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Chuck Klosterman

Heartburn and Brain Freeze
Christopher Stipp
Chuck Klosterman interview on

Pop culture needs more people like Chuck Klosterman.

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Reheated Cabbage

'Reheated Cabbage' by Irvine Welsh
Joshua Chaplinsky
A collection of vintage 90’s era stories and a brand new novella from everyone’s favorite literary Scotsman.

Everyone’s favorite literary Scotsman is back, with another helping of profane characters and ridiculous situations. Welsh’s second book of shorts in almost as many years, Reheated Cabbage treats us to a batch of vintage 90’s era stories long since out of print. No more scrounging around in used bookshops and garage sales for obscure anthologies containing a scant few pages to complete your collection, they are all here in one convenient package.

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Happy Holidays from The Cult!

Merry Christmas from!On behalf of the entire staff of, we want to wish you all a Happy Holidays. We had a great year and we could not have done it without you. We also want to thank Chuck Palahniuk himself, for continuing to write great fiction and attract new fans.

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Badass Fetish Model Masuimi Max Models Our Fight Club Shirt!

Masuimi Max modeling our 'Fight Club' Tshirt.  Photography by Laura ByrnesOne of my favorite things about running this website, is realizing, on a continuing basis, just how many people love the writing of Chuck Palahniuk.  This stretches across the board from regular everyday readers, college professors, celebrities and yes, even world renown fetish models.

Masuimi Max has been a staple in the fetish photography world for several years now.  She's the punk rock Dita Von Teese.  The real 'Suicide Girl'. She's done stage shows, been on dozens of magazine covers, and has even had small parts in David Lynch movies.  How cool is this chick!? 

Well, like most cool people, she's also a fan of Chuck Palahniuk.  So when I asked if she wouldn't mind us sending her one of our new 10th Anniversary 'Fight Club' shirts, she not only gobbled up the opportunity, but also agreed to model the shirt for her website But Masuimi went furtherand included the following blog on her site, forum, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter:

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Jim Munroe

Northern Exposure
Will Tupper
Jim Munroe

Here’s a bit of hyperbole my friends tell me I’m famous for: “primarily” sci-fi novelist Jim Munroe is the Tyler Durden of modern, “gutter” culture.

Don’t buy it? Check the facts. This is the man who got picked up from the slush pile of Rupert Murdoch’s corporate publishing giant, HarperCollins. His first novel, the hilarious Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask, a kind-of Generation X Monkeywrench Gang with superheroes, was published by HC, and considered successful enough by the moneyed bigwigs to warrant a contract for a second book.

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Get Your 'Fight Club' Tshirt Orders Placed In Time For Christmas!

Order Your Fight Club Tshirts In Time For Christmas!

With Christmas exactly two weeks away, now is the best time to get your orders in for one of our new Fight Club Tshirts.  These shirts were designed by LA designer Kevin Tong and are completely original and unique.  They come in cornflower blue and tan for Men, and just cornflower blue (for now) for Women.  They are available in all sizes.

Order Your Shirts Here!

Furthermore, we are now offering great deals in our Store on other items that we have bundled together.  So if you purchase the shirts with other items, such as the Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD or even a 1 yr Premium Membership to our site (which includes full access to our Writers' Workshop and all of Chuck's original writing essays), you will get a big discont on your order!

Order a 'Fight Club' shirt with our Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD and get a discount! Order a 'Fight Club' shirt with a 1 Yr Premium Site Membership and get a discount!

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For all of our items, check out our Store.  You can also see a list of Recommendations here!

Happy Holidays!

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Order Signed Chuck Palahniuk Books For The Holidays - Dec 11th Cut-Off!

Order Signed Books For Christmas From St. Helens Book Shop!Our favorite affiliate, St. Helens Book Shop, is taking orders for signed Chuck Palahniuk books.  As you know, St. Helens is a local book store in Oregon that Chuck visits rather frequently.  While there, he not only signs all of their inventory, but he also fulfills personal online requests for inscribed messages on each book!

This is currently, the only way I know that fans can get signed books (to them!) from Chuck online.  Besides this, you'd have to wait till he was on tour and go see him in person.  This is also the perfect Christmas gift for anyone you know that might be a fan.

The bad news is, we got this information a little late, and then I took even later to post it!  So the cut-off date to get your orders in, along with your custom, person inscription you'd like Chuck to make, is December 11th!

All of the instructions about how to fulfill your orders and include your personal message you'd like Chuck to inscribe on the book you order, is on the site.  So don't wait! 

Visit St. Helens Book Shop To Place Your Order Now!