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Stephen Graham Jones

Live To Write, Write To Live
Joshua Chaplinsky
Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is a man who is constantly writing. He has no choice. He glides through the murky depths of the literary ocean like a shark, because if he stops moving, he'll die. In fact, by the time you finish reading this he will probably have completed another novel, guzzling his favorite vanilla-infused cola, scarfing whatever the hell Sixlets are.

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The Cult's Top Stories & Interviews of 2010

The Top Stories & Interviews of 2010

Come the end of a year (and the start of a new one) it seems almost impossible to avoid 'Top 10' fever.  This is a fever that spreads to movie and gossip sites and can include everything from 'The Top 10 Worst Movies of 2010' to 'The Best YouTube Parodies'.  Don't lie.  We all love these lists.  It's why websites keep doing them.  And it's why I finally broke down this year and decided it was high time we do one of these for The Cult.

Our list will be a Top 5.  And I'm going to break it up into two categories.

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Join Our Official Book Club! - January Discussion "Invisible" by Paul Auster

Join Our Official Book Club! - January Discussion "Invisible" by Paul Auster

You know the drill, folks.  Every month a new book is selected and a new moderator steps up to lead the discussion.  This month, we will be reading and discussing Invisible by Paul AusterThis month's discussion is being led by Timberly AKA littlemisscrapey.

From the back cover:

Sinuously constructed in four interlocking parts, Paul Auster’s fifteenth novel opens in New York City in the spring of 1967, when twenty-year-old Adam Walker, an aspiring poet and student at Columbia University, meets the enigmatic Frenchman Rudolf Born and his silent and seductive girfriend, Margot. Before long, Walker finds himself caught in a perverse triangle that leads to a sudden, shocking act of violence that will alter the course of his life.

Three different narrators tell the story of Invisible, a novel that travels in time from 1967 to 2007 and moves from Morningside Heights to the Left Bank of Paris to a remote island in the Caribbean. It is a book of youthful rage, unbridled sexual hunger, and a relentless quest for justice. With uncompromising insight, Auster takes us into the shadowy borderland between truth and memory, between authorship and identity, to produce a work of unforgettable power that confirms his reputation as “one of America’s most spectacularly inventive writers.”

Check Out Our Book Club

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'Damned' Gets A Release Date On!

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by Chris Chapman

Chuck's next novel, Damned, will be released by Random House on September 6, 2011!  The release date just popped up on Amazon last week.  There is no pre-order or cover art yet, but you can keep an eye on things at this link.  For those of you who don't know anything yet about this upcoming novel, here's a quick summary from Chuck that he gave during a recent interview with Suicide Girls:

So Damned is about an eleven-year old girl who wakes up basically and finds that she is in hell and that she's dead, and that she's going to be eleven-years old and dead in hell for the rest of eternity. So she has to, number one, make friends and figure out how hell works and make the best of it. But she's also got to figure out why she's in hell and how she died, and then ultimately whether or not she wants to petition to go to heaven, to try and uncover some mistake that might have been made. So it's about an eleven-year old, a very optimistic, cheerful, pushy little girl who finds herself in hell.

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Toy Story Vs. Fight Club

This one is new for me.  Yet another trailer mash-up of movies.  This one between Toy Story and Fight Club.  Pretty good.

Props to Kasey Carpenter for letting us know about it.

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John Belushi Is Dead

"John Belushi is Dead" by Kathy Charles
Joshua Chaplinsky
Throw on some My Chemical Romance and grab those razor blades- it's time to get dark!

I think I just accidentally read a YA novel and I'm a little pissed about it.

Granted, there were no inter-Universal Monster romances, but I should have seen the signs- the atypical mass market meets trade product dimensions, the MTV Books imprint, the cover blurb from Stephanie Kuehnert (although to be fair, I had no idea who she was until I looked it up)- so I've got no one to blame but myself.

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Generate Two Ready-for-Publication Short Stories in Six Weeks - SOLD OUT!

'Art of the Story': A Six Week Workshop Intensive hosted by Mark Vanderpool

All-New Class Launch at

A recent survey of previous cult master class students revealed key areas of craft our students would like to tackle in an upcoming intensive class. In particular, conflict and dramatic arc drew a lot of votes. Next to that, survey respondents chose poetic elements in prose--the music of everyday language--as a preferred area of focus. A fair number also requested a class that would focus on finishing or resurrecting a previously unfinished story and shaping it into a final product, ready for print.

Art of the Short Story is a newly developed intensive six-week class that takes on all of these challenges and more. Students will be asked to register early and to submit an unfinished story prior to the start date. As many as six of these unfinished stories will be minutely critiqued prior to our first day, and those critiques will serve as cornerstone content for the class. Every student in the class will be challenged to shape his or her point-of-registration submission into a finished story during the class. Every student will be challenged to develop a second story, as well, from first seeds of inspiration to finished product.

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'Rant' TShirts Are Now Shipping!

'Rant' Tshirts, designed by Kevin Tong

Late last year we decided it was high time to begin thinking about our next Tshirt.  So rather than just arbitrarily picking a book of Chuck's that hadn't been featured yet, we decided to turn the mic over to you, the fans.  And so we set up a poll via Twitter and allowed people to vote on which book they'd like to see a Tshirt designed for next.  And lucky for me (because it's my favorite Palahniuk book!)


won!  So you asked for it, you got it!

Order Your Rant Shirt!

Order Your Rant Shirt!

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Andrew Vachss

A Conversation with Andrew Vachss
Rob W. Hart
Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss is not a writer in the traditional sense.

He doesn't do it to win awards, even though he's gotten plenty. He doesn't do it for the thrill of seeing his name in print, even though you could fill a whole bookshelf with his work. He's not plumbing the depths of his soul to wrestle with personal demons.

The demons he's wrestling with are very real.

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Kevin Tong's 'Rant' Posters Now Available!

For all you patient kiddies, today is the day you can order your own 'Rant' poster, designed by Kevin Tong.  This is the image used on the shirt Kevin also designed us, and really, it's a work of art.  This is getting framed and going on my wall.   Check out the above video of Kevin designing the image for the Tshirt and poster. 

These posters are limited edition.  Only 200 have been printed.  Once they're gone... they're gone.  They cost $30 and you can order them here.

Poster specs: It’s a 18 X 24 inch, four color, screen printed poster on 80 lb. Wausau Astrobright Cover Paper in an edition of 200, signed and numbered

Kevin Tong previously created posters for two other Tshirts he designed us:  Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.  The guy is really a genius.  If you live anywhere in the California area, you have to visit one of his shows to see his other prints.

Here is where he'll be next:

Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles
December 11-12, 2010
Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The first ever Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Los Angeles. With over 250 of today’s finest indie-craft talents setting up shop for holiday shoppers. Admission is free.

Renegrade Craft Fair San Francisco
December 18-19, 2010
Concourse Exhibition Center- East Hall
620 7th St, San Francisco, CA
Check out over 200 of the nation’s finest indie-craft talents for your last minute holiday shopping needs. Don’t miss this incredible craft, art, design and DIY event! Admission is free.

The posters are $30. 

Order Here!