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Polish Book Cover: Pygmy

Poland continues to shine with some of the most original and interesting covers for Chuck's books.  This time, we actually had the nice people who publish these editions contact us. Apparently they saw my previous post, highlighting their designs, and wanted to inform us of this latest release for Pygmy.

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Lidia Yuknavitch

There's a Naked Woman Inside
Kasey Carpenter

Memoirs. Can you ever trust them? How many of us would be true to form in a published retelling of our lives? How many have done so in the past? Who among us doesn't delude ourselves to some degree with our own little revisionist history?

When I received a copy of THE CHRONOLOGY OF WATER to read/review, I had all of these questions polluting my mind before I ever opened the book. Then the first sentence did me in:

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Awesomely Bizarre Artwork Inspired By 'The Nightmare Box'

Within Chuck Palahniuk's 2005 collection Haunted, many fans count The Nightmare Box as their favorite story.  The story is about a box people look into, that always shows the same image, yet drives the viewers insane and to commit suicide.

This story (maybe even more so than Guts) also seems to inspire the most creativity from fans, as evidenced by the slew of YouTube shorts online.  (here, here and here, to show a few) But now someone has taken this obsession up a notch with this amazing portrait.

Cassandra Saw portrait from 'The Nightmare Box', designed by Mike Flinn

The above work was painting by Mike Flinn.  Check out his website here.  And here are some words about the work, from the man himself:

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'Tell-All' Now Out In Paperback!

'Tell-All' Now Out In Paperback!

 As of May 31st, Tell-All, Chuck's thirteenth book, is now out in paperback.  I think Random House did a great job with this new cover, which I prefer over the hardback cover.  By now most of you have already read it, but if not, here's a quick blurb from Amazon:

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Read "Nuts and Bolts: Thought Verbs" by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by John Gress

For three years, Chuck Palahniuk contributed to our ground breaking online Writers Workshop (which he also helped conceive, btw) with 36 writing essays.  These are lessons from a best-selling author on how to improve your craft as a writer... the types of lessons they teach in $20,000+ MFA writing programs.  

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Video: 'Fight Club' Trailer Spoof - 'Cuddle Club'

Someone ask me why I keep posting these?  I guess with this latest, I just respect the fact that these guys went out and did something.  Plus, they look like they had fun making this.  And hell, the one dude even shaved his head.  

Check out 'Cuddle Club,' a shot for shot remake (albeit, with some actual stolen shots) of the Fight Club trailer.

Credit for this find goes to SlashFilm.

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'Snuff' Is On Trial In Turkey

'Snuff' Is On Trial In Turkey

In the past two days our Twitter feed (@chuckpalahniuk) has exploded with a breaking story coming out of Turkey.  It seems The Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the book Snuff and is calling for all copies to be confiscated.  Here's more:

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Video: Chuck Palahniuk On Ira Levin

As most of you diehards out there should know by now, Chuck is a big fan of Ira Levin. Haven't heard of him?  Well shame on you.  The man wrote some of the classic horror novels of the 1970's. Rosemary's Baby, The Boys From Brazil and The Stepford Wives, to name a few.  And don't forget that Diary was directly influenced by Levin, to the point that he even provided a blurb for the book.

"Just for the record, Diary is as hypnotic as a poised cobra. Chuck Palahniuk demonstrates that the most chilling special effects come not from Industrial Light and Magic but from the words of a gifted writer." - Ira Levin

And in Stranger Than Fiction, Chuck called Levin's writing "a smart, updated version of the kind of folksy legends that cultures have always used."  So yeah, the two men seem to have admired each other.  In the above video, both Chuck and fellow Portland writer Chelsea Cain (Heartsick) wax nostalgia and influence from Levin's legacy.

'Rosemary's Baby' by Ira Levin 'The Stepford Wives' by Ira Levin 'The Boys From Brazil' by Ira Levin 'A Kiss Before Dying' by Ira Levin

Pre-Order Them Today!

Also, check out the eBooks available from Open Road Media!

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FORECAST by Shya Scanlon
Richard Thomas
In the future, your misery powers the world in this love story, road trip gone noir.

It was as if I were both the fever-dreamer and the dream itself.

If you were paying attention in 2009 you may have seen the birthing of Forecast across the internet, from July to December, in forty-two installments. Billed as the Forecast 42 Project, this story is set in the year 2212, and is the bastard love-child of Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick, weaving elements of noir and science fiction into a humorous, touching love story, a narrative on what it means to see and be seen, to exist and yet be nothing more than a cog. Following this story across such esteemed online journals as Juked, Flatmancrooked, Keyhole, Redivider, Opium, Electric Literature, PANK, Word Riot, 3:AM Magazine, and Puerto Del Sol, it was a serial story that ended up landing Shya Scanlon a book deal at Flatmancrooked Publishing, giving hopes to many authors that the ways we publish, and get discovered, aren’t static and predictable.