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Posted by vigorous puppy

Zen Mind Fiction Intensive Returns for Fall Session, Limited Enrollment

Mark Vanderpool, lead Workshop AdminZen Mind Fiction Workshop Returns in September. 
If you missed the summer session, this is your last chance
this season to take our fastest on-ramp to craft proficiency.

Urgent Update: SOLD OUT: Congratualtions to those on-board and welcome to the journey ahead.  You'll get an orientation e-mail early on Thursday.

Sign Up Here.

Class Dates: September 9th - October 7th


I took part in the first one and was very happy. The knowledge that Vig imparts is second to none, and he will exceed any expectations you might have.

There is nowhere else in the world where someone with his level of experience will give you one on one feedback for this kind of money.

If you are a person that thinks that you might be a good writer, but are unsure of how to get a story started or finished this is the workshop for you. If you are already an accomplished writer, it is also a great way to refresh some fundamentals and maybe pick up something new.

-Jason C., Conyers, Georgia

Virtual Classroom Modality:

This intensive online class rolls 24 hours per day for a full month.  Instead of scheduled chat sessions that imitate a traditional classroom, we take full advantage of our format to accommodate every possible schedule on the globe.  We'll have some phone conferencing available to build our sense of conntection, but well over 90 percent of this class will be delivered in an asynchronous and text-driven fashion.  You'll get a dedicated private forum where you can log in whenever possible to read the latest updates, post your assignments, and pose questions.

You'll get four distinct lecture/assignment combos that kick off each week, plus you'll get some bonus material.  The deadlines for each written assignment will be important, but you'll generally have at least three days from the time of posting to complete a written assignment.  Work on your own schedule, and make this class work around anything else that's going on.  If a day slips past when you just can't log in, you simply come back the next day and read everything you missed. 

The more time you can make for the class, the more you'll get from the experience, but nothing should prevent you from streamlining this class into the rest of your life.  And that's one major advantage of taking an online course over the traditional classroom with its set meeting times.  We cater to adult learners who often have jobs and many competing responsibilities, and we cater to gifted writers from all over the Anglophonic world, including Australia and New Zealand, which sit quite opposite from most U.S. timezones.  The open format simply makes sense.

What We'll Cover:

Big-picture items included, such as philosophy, lifestyle, habits, how to get unblocked, and where we go as writers (metaphorically, internally) in the quest for big ideas.

But the Devil is in the details.  We'll also cover many fine-tuned issues of the writer's craft.  This course will help you identify any weak points in your writing that hold you back.  We'll dig into very basic and necessary aspects, such as sentence construction, the strength of your verbs, achieving balance in your use of descriptive elements and modifiers, and how to construct effective dialogue.  And it doesn't stop there.

Sign Up Now   or continue with the letters below.


Dear Cult Writer of the Future,

You may recall the letter I wrote to you in late June.  This letter challenged you to let go of excuses and to escape the gravity well of inertia and self-doubt--all those forces that have prevented you, so far, from a new level of success and satisfaction as a writer.

It's part of our mission here at Chuck-Palahniuk dot Net to help readers become writers and writers become authors.  We know you have it in you.  I can say that with confidence, because you're the sort of bright and talented person who visits and reads this Web site in the first place.  When you're not visiting us, you sometimes read and appreciate... gasp...  books!  While others remain lost in video games or television shows, you're already prone to a  form of entertainment that engages your mind and imagination in a different way, calling for a deeper participation and a lasting response.

This deeper participation makes you a candidate to go even further, to become one of the few voices that shape the culture.  That's a big statement.  And the idea that you can do so isn't presented to you very often.  No one on a television sitcom is going to look you straight in the eye and say, "Hey, buddy, (or "hey, girlfriend") why aren't you writing your book?"

The same goes for your friends and acquaintances.  As lovely as these people are, if they aren't the sort of people who write novels or short fiction themselves, they aren't likely to understand or endorse the activity.  I realize that when I offer encouragement, I'm competing with a world of noise and of mostly good-natured indifference.  The indifference won't change until you're published and on the shelf at the local chain bookstore.  And even then, your friends may not understand what this is all about.  Along the way, luckily, you'll make some new friends.

But first things first.  You need more than encouragement.  You need the chance to learn, experience, and work on your skill set.  And a big part of what I've been doing for seven years is developing online learning experiences for writers.  In particular, our intensive online workshops are renowned for delivering more in the way of practical writing skills and craft knowledge than people sometimes encounter in several years and several thousand dollars of instituitional learning.  Past graduates rave about how much they gain in such a short time from our classes.  And people who miss the chance often regret it. 

You may notice from the comments on the June letter that a number of people were caught off-guard at the first release of Zen Mind Beginning Fiction Workshop.  As a number of you specifically asked for a chance to participate in the Fall, I've carved out the time to make it happen.  This may well be the last run for this class all year, so I do hope you'll take advantage right away.  We often hit our enrollment cap within just a few days of a new class promotion. 

Sign Up Now,  and we'll talk very soon.

All the Best,

Mark Vanderpool
Writers Workshop Administrator