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Posted by Dennis

Writers' Workshop Anthology: June Nominations & Finalists Announced

Chuck Palahniuk reads and reviews the June Writers' Workshop finalists!Greetings, everyone!  As of yesterday, six more original short stories have been sent off to Chuck to be read, reviewed and feed-backed.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for up and coming amateur writers.  Not only do we offer a groundbreaking online Writers' Workshop for you to troubleshoot your material and get honest and helpful feedback from your peers... but we are currently selecting the best stories each month and sending them off to Chuck!

In 2009 our  Writers' Workshop received a massive make-over.  Chuck is now directly involved with his readers, helping them improve their writing craft.  Each month, after a thorough screening process, we send Chuck 6 fan-written stories which he then reads, reviews, and provides vital feedback on.  It is Chuck's goal to pick the best stories at the end of the year and include them in an Anthology, which he will not only include his name on and write the Introduction for, but also help attach a publisher to.  (in fact, Chuck has hinted that he may already have one lined up!)

So saddle up, folks.  It's time to get serious about your writing!

As we are on a three month rotation, today we will highlight the 17 nominated stories from June, along with the 6 stories that went on to become finalists and get sent off to Chuck.

June Writers' Workshop runner-ups:

  • All Terrorists Go to Heaven - mooderino
  • Between the River and the Bridge - Jonathan Pillow
  • Crash Diet - Brien Piech
  • Gift Factory - David Tenneson
  • Isaiah - Safeman
  • No Title - Bateman
  • The Opus Cycle - Chris Deal
  • Paper Thin Hymn - Tyler Jones
  • Run, London, Run - Davey Watts
  • Second Hand Strippers - Brandon Tietz
  • The Echo Parade Chapter 2 - J.S. Lohr

And below are the six finalists that were sent off to Chuck:

Big congratulations to the runner-ups and finalists.  All of these stories executed tools learned here on these workshops, and now have a chance at being published.

To read feedback and notes from Chuck on previous months, check out this page.  Our lead WW administrator, Mark Vanderpool composed it yesterday and it's a helpful place to see all this goodness on one page.

And if you're reading this and we've finally convinced you this is the real deal, get off your ass and...

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