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Posted by Dennis

What We Know About The RANT Sequel

While Chuck already has his next two books lined up; Beautiful You in 2014 and Make Something Up, a book of short stories scheduled for 2015, a question he still gets asked regularly is, when the hell is he going to finally write the long anticipated sequel to Rant?  See, some of you may not know this, but Rant was originally promised and conceived as a trilogy-- same as Damned.  But whereas, two years later we have that sequel to Damned, six years later we still long for the further adventures of Buster Casey.

Recently, Chuck has began speaking openly about the Rant sequel and, lo and behold, plans are afoot!  During his latest Reddit AMA (read the whole transcript here), when asked about the Rant sequel, Chuck dropped this exciting news:

"Argh! The Rant question comes back! I've written the second book, but I'm such a compulsive nut-job that I'm still looking for a non-fiction form to use as a structure. I know, I know, I'm stuck on structural gimmicks, but experiments like that are important to me."

So today, we're officially going to request that all of you update this news thread (in the comments below) any time you see or hear any further news about this sequel.  I doubt this AMA is the first time Chuck has given information about it.  So let's start trying to piece together the mystery of what this book will be.  And shit, maybe we can start a poll to let Chuck know just how badly we want this book (Rant is my personal favorite of all his novels) and I'll email him the results once it's convincing enough.  Deal?  Deal.