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Posted by Dennis

UPDATED! 'Snuff' Casting: Thora Birch and Daryl Hannah Not Attached

'Snuff' Casting News Update: Thora Birch and Daryl Hannah Not Attached

UPDATE: Earlier this week I posted a News update about Fabien Martorell, the man who currently has the film option to adapt Snuff.  He informed me that Daryl Hannah, Thora Birch and Tom Sizemore were on board.

The next day, SlashFilm, a respected and very popular movie site that I frequent, posted this story:

Here was the portion of the story that concerned this bit of casting news Fabien told me:

But Jeff Snieder from Variety was quick to call out the casting as premature via Twitter. (“Absolutely NO TRUTH to THORA BIRCH doing SNUFF. Hasn’t even read a script. Got a vehement denial. THIS IS WHY YOU CHECK IT WHEN TALENT TALKS.”) And Deadline chimed in with an equally vehement denial for Daryl Hannah, relaying that her reps say she’s never heard of the project. Furthermore, given that she speaks out against sex trafficking, she is ‘embarrassed’ by the association. (Now, I haven’t read Snuff, and the plot sounds rather horrifying, but it also sounds like something that would actually make the sex industry in general and porn specifically look pretty bad and damaging. Perhaps I’m wrong.) So: for now, not happening.

Upon seeing this news, I immediatley emailed Fabien to get him to comment on the development.  Today his rep contacted me with this official statement:

Daryl Hannah and Thora Birch's Agent sent us LOIs (Letter of Intent) with his signature to express their interest in Snuff. After mutual consideration, we have decided not to follow up our collaboration. Tom Sizemore is, of course, still on-board.

At this point, Fabien is moving on with other casting, but he assured me again today, that Tom Sizemore is still on board.