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Posted by Dennis

Update On Book Orders From St. Helen's Book Shop

Chuck Palahniuk at St. Helen's Book ShopAs you may know, we've had a long standing relationship with the good folks at Oregon's own St. Helen's Book Shop.  As an affiliate to the site, we've sent traffic their way and in turn, they stood as the only book store in the country that had a direct partnership with Chuck Palahniuk, whereby he would come in and not only sign all of their stock, but also accept personal inscriptions on book orders made through the St. Helen's site.

Unfortunately, St. Helen's had to close up shop in early December, and so around that time they ran their last big promotion on Palahniuk titles (read Lori's letter about the closing on their front page). Many of you ordered books around this time, hoping to get them in time for Christmas.  But recently, I've heard from a few customers who have still not received their inscribed book orders nor have been able to get in touch with the people running the site.  I don't personally work for St. Helen's so I can only offer my regret at this matter.  But in order to get some sort of status on the situation, I emailed Chuck today and quickly heard back with this update:

Lori, who ran the store, has had a terrible time getting certain books.  The hardcover of Fight Club was going back to press around Christmas, and it's taken weeks to fill the back orders of book stores.

If people ask, Lori has promised to bring me the books next Tuesday.  I'll spend a few days inscribing them, and they should ship out at the end of next week.

Lori and I are both sorry about this turn of events.  The idea that these were most likely Christmas presents makes everything worse.  Feel free to post the text of this letter.  Lori's honorable, and I'll make sure everything works out.

So there you have it.  Chuck is personally on the task.  Be patient and you should have your book soon.  Also, for those asking about who will fill the void now that St. Helen's is gone, I would recommend Powell's, AbeBooks and of course, eBay.  These are all sites where you can find signed Chuck Palahniuk books. For personal inscriptions, you'll just have to see Chuck during his next tour!