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Posted by Dennis

Ukrainian 'Fight Club' Prank On Side Of Apartment Building

Ukrainian 'Fight Club' prank on side of apartment flat.

Wow. This is just awesome. It seems a group of activists in the Ukraine calling themselves the UA Resistance, invoked the spirit of Tyler Durden by lighting up the side of an apartment complex in the form of a giant smiley face. The act was done in a non-violent effort to make a statement about the corruption causing high prices on apartment flats in the country.

Here's the email I received from the UA Resistance:

We have a present for Chuck on his Birthday:-) Ukrainian TV made a short interview about it, so we think, that it will be funny and interesting to send it to Chuck's fanclub. Where we can send photo of action?)  P.S. Sorry for bad grammar))

Ukrainian 'Fight Club' prank on side of apartment flat. Ukrainian 'Fight Club' prank on side of apartment flat.

Here's the interview and news coverage that made it on Ukrainian TV about the event:

And here are some more details about the event:

"Smile" on building was used as a strange symbol of people's skepticism about corruption-based price on flats in capital of Ukraine. And it really did effect and attract attention without any violence or pain. And that is generally important. Using Chuck Palahniuk's idea of art-resistance its real to do effect without big "counter-violence" from authority.

Gotta love the influence Chuck is having on the world.