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Posted by Dennis

Time To Vote! - Super Tuesday Is Here

I've voted in the past three presidential elections, but never before on Super Tuesday.  All of that changed this year.  This is one of the most exciting and important elections in recent history.  And I'm not talking about the Republicans.  I'm talking about Obama vs. Hillary.  If you live in a state that's having it's primaries today, please go out and vote!

I'm a California resident now, so here's the info you'll need:

If you're curious, I'm voting for Obama.  I don't despise Hillary as a phony like some, but I just think she's too polarizing.  I don't think she'll stand a chance against McCain.  And I think that electing her president sends the wrong message internationally.  Right now, if you travel abroad, you'll find that the reputation of The United States is about as low as it can get.  And I think showing the world that A Bush daddy and a Bush son can be president for an equated twelve years.  And now A Clinton husband and a Clinton wife can follow suite... it just makes us looks stupid.  Like we're incapable of change.

When I listen to Barack Obama speak all I hear is change.  I look at someone willing to work with our enemies, rather than declare them 'evil' and go bomb them.  I look at someone who will unite people, rather then divide them.  I look at someone who will make me feel like a patriot again.

This is why I'm voting today, and why I'm voting for Obama. 

This newspost won't stay here long, so don't get angry at me and turn this into a political debate.  I just knew that people would be asking me who I was voting for today if I just posted this here and didn't say. 

The choice is yours though.  Just make sure you use it.