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Posted by mirka

The Shotgun Writing Intensives Are Now SOLD OUT!

Attention writers!  Lock and load, because it's time to prowl the wasteland of procrastination and start collecting scalps.  Translation:  It's time to get serious about your writing.  Here at The Cult, we do not rest until we're sure that every writer with potential that is reading this has taken that fateful plunge into improving their craft.  We're relentless in this endeavor; to make you all better writers and to hopefully, get you published.

What started this year with Chuck Palahniuk reading and reviewing 6 stories every month for an upcoming anthology, has just evolved into another beastly arm of The Cult's writers' workshop... this one belonging to badass scribe Craig Clevenger!

Yes, Clevenger returns to us all (thank God!) as the first visiting author for our new 'Authors in Residence' series.  This is different from previous Master Intensive Workshops, as it is not lecture and homework based, but more of a classroom creative writing course... a two week 'Shotgun' Intensive to focus on the material that you, the student, are working on. 

Important: Craig is not going into this with a pre-arranged agenda.  Rather, he is going to accept two samples from all the students before the class actually begins.  Samples should be 2,000 - 3,000 words long and should be emailed to only after you have registered for the class.  Let me be clear:  This sample you send will not be used as part of any of the lessons in the actual class.  Rather, it is just a sample to let Craig see your range and style of writing.

To ensure personal attention and an intimate classroom style setting, both Shotgun Intensives will be limited to only 15 Students. But don't worry, there are two to choose from!  And you know what else?  Registration is now open!

July Class Is Now Sold Out!

September Class Is Now Sold Out

Furthermore, Craig wants you all to know exactly what you're in store for, so he has posted his Introduction for everyone to read beforehand.

Read Craig Clevenger's Introduction Here!

That link will also lead you into a preview of the actual forum set up, so you can see how the class will be arranged.  (*This preview will close once registration for the July class fills up.  Also, the preview is not open for comments, so please post any comments or questions in this news thread.)

Here are some more important details about both classes that Craig is hosting:

  • You are allowed to sign up for both!
  • Registration is open to everyone. It is not based on writing samples.
  • Writing samples must be submitted to Mirka within 24 hours of registration so I can forward them to Craig in a timely manner.
  • What's the cost for this opportunity to study with Craig Clevenger for two weeks in this intimate and personal Shotgun Intensive:  It's only $250 with special discounts as always to our premium members. 
    *Premium members will receive a courtesy discount of $25.
  • There is also an additional 'Early Bird' discount of $25 for registrations from July 13 through July 15!

Lastly, remember to please post all questions you have about the classes here, and we will answer them in a timely manner.