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Posted by Dennis

The 'Invisible Monsters Remix' Is Now Out!

'Invisible Monsters Remix' by Chuck Palahniuk

Rejoice! A book that's been over ten years in the making is finally out. In 1999, Chuck released Invisible Monsters as his third novel. Though as some fans know by now, this book was actually a book he wrote many years earlier. The original publishers weren't happy overall with the story of Brandy Alexander, Shannon and friends, and Chuck, feeling sort of daring decided, rather than tone things down with his next book, he'd ratchet them up, and thus came Fight Club, which then became his first published novel. 

When Invisible Monsters was released in 1999, Chuck didn't want fans to have to pay hardcover prices for a book he wrote many years earlier, so WW Norton themselves, did something daring and released the book directly to trade paperback format. No hardcover was ever released of the original book.

But then something cool happened: Invisbie Monsters went onto become one of Chuck's most beloved books. A true fan favorite. In fact, love of this book caused me to help spearhead a campaign in the early 2000s to have it released in hardcover.  Now, almost ten years later, Norton made it happen. But this isn't just a hardcover version of the book. Here's more from the publishers:

"Injected with new material and special design elements, Invisible MonstersRemix fulfills Chuck Palahniuk's original vision for his 1999 novel, turning a daring satire on beauty and the fashion industry into an even more wildly unique reading experience. Laced in are new chapters of memoir and further scenes with the book's characters. Readers will jump between chapters, reread the book to understand the dissolve between fiction and fact, and decipher the playful book design."

Chuck calls it the Criterion Collection version of Invisible Monsters, and it's out now. 

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