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Posted by Dennis

The Cult 2009 Launches!!!

Chuck 2009 Launches!

Okay, I think my staff and I all have "eyes-bugging-out-of-our-skulls" syndrome. It's a rare condition. It afflicts those who have been working around the clock to launch a massive new version of an expansive author website.

I won't spend too long on a history lesson because you're all probably itching to explore the new site. What I will do though, is thank you all for your patience. Believe it or not, this site really is over a year in the making. Many of the features and options you are now being presented with, we fought tooth and nail to get into our 2008 version. But a series of bad circumstances just led us to a wall. And rather then get to build upon that version of the site, it soon became all about weathering the storm and steering you all to safety.

Today, that storm has cleared. So without further ado, here are your new features:

New Writer's Workshop

  • Submit, read and review stories with greater ease
  • Earn points for helpful reviews and comments
  • Qualify to have your work read and reviewed by Chuck Palahniuk
  • Qualify for the potential to be included in an Anthology Chuck will be publishing of the best stories in 2010
  • New Writer's Desk lets you monitor new activity in the Workshop

New Forums

  • We have a new version of the Drupal forum with a cleaner, fresher look and layout
  • Mark All Forums Read actually works now
  • There is now a 'Jump to Button,' at the top of all threads
  • When there is a new Reply, if you click it from the forum listing, it will take you right to that post in the thread
  • In Topic View, you can now see a "pager" navigation for threads that are more than 1 page.  Example:  Page 1, 2, 3...
  • In the main Forum index, "Last Post by [username]" is now a link that jumps right to it
  • It no longer shows you the first post of a thread when you go to Page 2, Page 3, etc.
  • There are now more navigation options on the bottom of long threads
  • Not to mention, a new Community Dashboard, which serves as a hub for all forum and community activity

Additional Features

  • Awesome new user profiles with dynamic layout
  • New convenient User Box with avatar view
  • New sidebar activity boxes
  • Out with the old search, in with a new custom Google search engine
  • Updated Blog layout and Group features
  • Our Book Recommendations page returns
  • New sub-forums for Pygmy and Movies In Development
  • All new Book and Movie pages
  • A new Haunted movie page

Okay, digest that all in while you explore the site. 2009 is going to kick ass!

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