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Posted by Dennis

The Complete List Of Tips From Tender Branson in 'Survivor'

'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk

Every day on this website I marvel at the love, commitment and inspiration fans of Chuck Palahniuk get from his books. It's pretty awesome stuff. Everything from artwork to writings to tattoos to even photo shoots and music videos. (it's all in our Fan Submissions gallery btw!). But today is just something new AND helpful.

A fan named "derekv3.3" has put together the ultimate list of tips from the surviving member of the Creedish death cult in Chuck Palahniuk's second novel Survivor, Tender Branson. Here's a sample:

Stains :

- To get bloodstains out of a fur coat, use cornmead and brush the coat the wrong way.
- For bloodstains on a piano, polish the keys with talcum powder or powdered milk.
- Blood on the wallpaper is removed easiest by using cornstarch and cold water. This will also help to get blood out of a mattress or davenport.
- Always keep a red cloth handy to wipe up blood.
- To get tearstains out of pillow, dissolve five aspirin in water and dab the pillow till they stains are gone. This will even help if you havemascara stains.

Read the full list of tips from Tender Branson on