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Posted by Dennis

'Tell All' Tour Dates Are Here!

'Tell-All' by Chuck PalahniukHey, everyone.  The day you've been waiting for (since last week at least), is here!  Chuck's publicist at Doubleday just contacted me with the tour dates for Tell-All.  Keep in mind, these dates and some details are always subject to change.  So if you have very specific questions, don't post them here.  Instead, contact the stores.  We've included website and phone information for all the events.

Also, Chuck's publicist wanted me to include this message, along with the dates:

NOTE: Chuck will personalize one copy of TELL-ALL and one backlist title for the first 100 ticket holders at his events on the 2010 tour.  However, please note there will be a not signing portion to the Boston and Chicago events.  Please contact the bookstores at the phone number or website below for ticketing info and other details.

Chuck Palahniuk's North American tour for
'Pygmy' has now ended!

Find out more about Tell-All and order the book here!