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Posted by Dennis

'Tell-All' Poster Contest With An Awesome Prize Package!

Update: Random House is no longer accepting emails for free 'Tell-All' posters.  They've already been deluged by requests and have sent out all the posters they had.  Thank you for all for the interest. Now, once you get your posters in the mail, get out there and start hanging them up!

'Tell-All' poster contest by Random HouseIn order to continue to spread the word about Chuck's new novel Tell-AllRandom House and The Cult are sponsoring a contest with a great prize. 


100 winners will receive a set of eight Palahniuk books.

Tell-All (hardcover)
Pygmy (paperback)
Snuff (paperback)
Rant (paperback)
Haunted (paperback)
Diary (paperback)
Lullaby (paperback)
Choke (paperback)


To enter the contest, simply email Random House with your full name and mailing address.  The first 200 people to email them will receive 5 Tell-All posters each (pictured above).  It is then your job to hang the poster(s) up somewhere public and snap a picture of it.  It's even better if you hang up multiple posters, but each person can only enter the contest once.  If you can't find somewhere public, convince your local book store, library or even corner deli to let you hang the poster up.  Just make sure you snap a picture of the poster hanging in this location.

You must then Tweet the picture to our Twitter account @chuckpalahniuk.  Then email this same picture, along with your full name and mailing address, to Random House.  The first 100 people to submit their pictures will win the set of 8 books.  (and yes, your math is right: 800 books going to 100 people!)


The rules may change halfway through, depending on the quantity of submissions we receive, but for now, your house or apartment does not count as 'somewhere public'.  We want you canvasing your town/city and finding somewhere very loud and exposure-worthy to hang the poster.  Just don't do anything illegal and do not put yourself in any sort of harm.

Also, do not just post the picture here, to our Facebook, or to our Twitter.  You totally can, yes.  But unless you actually email the picture to the Random House email address, your entry is not valid and will not qualify to win the prizes.

If you have any questions about this contest, post them here and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and good luck playing!

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