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Posted by Dennis

"Tell-All" Is Now Out!

"Tell-All' by Chuck PalahniukChuck's new novel Tell-All is now out in bookstores! If you haven't already ordered the book online, please hit up your local store today! Keep in mind that Top 10 Lists like the New York Times and the LA Times look at opening week sales.  So if we want to get Chuck on the Top 10s again, getting the book sooner, rather than later, is the way to go!

If you prefer to avoid the general public, then you can order Tell-All online here.

Also don't forget that Chuck's tour starts today, in Portsmouth, NH.  Details for all the tour dates can be found here.

Enjoy!  And if you're so inclined, snap a picture of the book, or you posing with the book, and link it here or to our Twitter account @chuckpalahniuk.  We'll love you for it!

Order Tell-All Today!