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Posted by mirka

SURVIVOR T-Shirts Return... With A Raffle!

Want to order your very own Survivor shirt AND save with free shipping AND!!! qualify for a chance to win signed Chuck Palahniuk collectible books?  Then read on for more!

Survivor Shirts Survivor Tshirts

Order T-shirts Here!

Survivor shirts are back!  And we are offering FREE postage for any order of TWO or MORE items. ANY combination of T-shirts, DVDs and/or Site Membership. No limit! This promotion starts now and ends whatever time I wake up on July 1st. So consider June 30th the cut off date!

QUALIFY FOR SIGNED CHUCK PALAHNIUK BOOKS: The first 11 people that spend $100 combined, will get not only the free shipping but also be entered into a random raffle to win a choice of one of these collectible books --  first come first served basis.***

  • Signed Hardcover Fight Club
  • Signed Hardcover Survivor  
  • Signed Hardcover Fugitives & Refugees

  • Signed Hardcover Stranger Than Fiction

  • Signed Hardcover Rant
  • Snuff  Advance  Reading  Copy (5  copies available)

Important: Free Postage on two or more items applies to US and Canadian orders only.

However, we DO love our international community, so we are offering people who make international orders of two or more items, a $5 refund on shipping (even though the Euro is kicking our butts!)

How this works: You will be charged shipping at checkout! But your shipping charge will be refunded when your stuff ships. (Within 48 hours barring weekends.)

Order T-shirts Here!


****This thread will be updated as collectible books are taken. If you order a $100 of stuff and everything is already taken, I will email you and offer you a refund if we do not have a collectible book for you!

(Yes, the memberships aren't charged postage, but if you just want a shirt or a DVD and a membership, you save the postage on the shipped item.)