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Posted by mirka

'Sorry You Asked', Weekly Video Medical Q&A w/ Dr. Josh Bazell

UPDATE: New videos being shot this Friday, March 5th! So if you have a question, ask now! (In the comments section below)

Welcome to our weekly video column with author Dr. Josh Bazell! Ever had pressing and compelling medical questions you wanted to ask? Or perhaps you were just looking to debunk some medical misconceptions? Well then look no further. You've come to the right place. This is 'Sorry You Asked'!

Tune in to this column for updates on 'Sorry You Asked', a place where YOU ask the questions, and Josh does the answering (as long as his schedule permits). We have already posted the first three videos in the column on a new Features page.

Ep. 1 - "Do Cockroaches Really Get Stuck In People's Ears While They're Sleeping?"

Ep. 2 - "Is It True That A Man's Testicle Can Get Stuck In A Twisted Position?"

Ep. 3 - "Is It True That Getting Your Neck Adjusted By A Chiropractor Can Cause A Stroke?"

'Beat The Reaper' by Josh Bazell

Josh Bazell has two personalities. The first, is as the author of Beat the Reaper, the stunning 2009 debut novel that garnered immense critical praise and is now being adapted by New Regency to star Leonardo DiCaprio. The other, is as the MD from Columbia who wrote Beat the Reaper while completing his internship! Here is where those two personalities collide.

Read our exclusive interview with Josh Bazell by Rob Hart, here: Paging Dr. Kickass.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor, and read Beat the Reaper today!

 Order 'Beat the Reaper' Here!