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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Video: Chuck Palahniuk Live In Ann Arbor, MI!

This is probably the best produced video recording of a Chuck Palahniuk live event I have ever seen online.  It's Chuck at the Borders Bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI on May 20th, in which he kicked off his tour for Snuff.  Borders Live at 01 produced the event, and unfortunately I can't embed the video here, but you can check out all 20 mins of it on their site:

The first third is basically the highlights of an interview that was conducted with Chuck before the live audience.  Then we get a fun phase of the night where Chuck tosses blow-up dolls into the crowd and has a contest to see who can inflate their's the fastest (all while getting the audience to chant, "Blow, blow, blow!!")  But the last part of the video is the best.  It's a hysterical seminar Chuck 'hosts' with the camera on what his favorite bookstore picks are, and the best way to shoplift them past the large, imposing security guard!

I had a stupid grin on my face during this entire video. 

Go watch it and then comment on it here!