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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour Tshirts Are Here!

SNUFF Tour Tshirts Are Here! and boy do they rock.  These are easily my favorite shirts we've ever made.  We made similar shirts last year for "Rant", and people gobbled them up and wore them to the live readings Chuck did.  Unfortunatley, this year we got stalled, and so the shirts won't be here until Monday, May 19th.  They will then begin shipping Tues and Wed (May 20th, 21st).  Mirka has already taken off both of those days.  The problem is, Chuck's actual Snuff tour begins on the 20th.  So people attending the first few dates will probably miss out on having one of these shirts to wear.  

Girls Snuff Tour Tshirt (front)  Mens Snuff Tour Tshirt (front)

Order The SNUFF Tour Shirts Today!

Some good news for all you fans is that never have we had shirts like this.  The two brothers at YesPress that printed them for us, made them on high quality American Apparel.  (in the past, we always got stuck with Gildans).  The design is a joint venture from Mirka (front) and Brad Choma (back).  The only color available is 'cum'.  And the shirts come in all sizes from Small to 3XL.  (though the 3XLs are in very limited quantity).

So don't wait!  Get your orders in now for these babies!  They will begin shipping first thing Tuesday, May 20th!

Any questions should go to!