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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour: Reading In Seattle, WA!

"Snuff" by Chuck PalahniukChuck heads to north tonight, near his home terriroty, for a reading in Seattle, WA: 

Thursday, May 29 – Seattle, WA
University Bookstore
Interview, Q&A, signing offsite @
Town Hall
(206) 634-3400
*Interviewer: TBD

For any of you attending, please take plenty of pictures and submit them to us here!  You can also use this thread to type up your accounts of the reading tonight! 

Last, please remember these specific instructions on how the signing is going to work at each store.

  • All books will be pre-autographed.
  • Only the first 150 people at each venue will be able to have their books personalized.
  • No memorabilia whatsoever.
  • Chuck will personalize up two backlist titles in addition to copies of SNUFF for each of the 150 ticket/bracelet holders.
  • Contact the event bookstore for details regarding personalization.
  • Chuck will not be personalizing books in New York and Denver.

Have fun!