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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour: NYC Barnes & Noble Reading Canceled

Update: Hey folks.  I spoke to Chuck this weekend and he assured me that he's already trying to reschedule an event for the New York fans.  He said this would probably occur towards the end of the summer / beginning of the Fall (to coincide with the new release date of 'Choke').

I have some very unfortunate news.  The New York City Banes & Noble reading for Snuff has been canceled.  Here's the official word from his publishers:

Doubleday has unfortunately canceled the SNUFF New York event due to a conflict that has arisen.  We apologize to the New York fans and hope to bring Chuck back to the Big Apple again soon.

This cancellation was out of Chuck's control and he feels terrible about it.  I don't have any more information on why.  I just wanted to get the news up for you all asap.  

Again, sorry to the New York fans.