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Posted by Dennis

'Snuff' Is On Trial In Turkey

'Snuff' Is On Trial In Turkey

In the past two days our Twitter feed (@chuckpalahniuk) has exploded with a breaking story coming out of Turkey.  It seems The Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the book Snuff and is calling for all copies to be confiscated.  Here's more:

The Istanbul Press Prosecution sent a notice which includes a report from the Council for Protecting Minors from Explicit Publications to Ayrıntı Publishing. In the notice, the novel is accused of “abusing sexual instincts” and “incompliance with moral norms.” 

Ayrıntı Publishing, the publishers behind the Turkish translation of Snuff, are defending the book in their testimony.  Editor Abdullah Yılmaz though, thinks there is a bigger issue at the heart of this matter:

“Sexuality is a matter that is related to any kind of social structures, including culture and religion,” said Yılmaz, adding that even violence against women occurred because of sexual problems.

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