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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Is Now Out! Buy It Today!

'Snuff' by Chuck Palahniuk!  Buy It Today!Today is the big day!  Chuck Palahniuk's latest novel 'SNUFF' is now out!  Head out to your nearest bookstore today as soon as you can to purchase a copy!  Buying 'Snuff' the first week of its release is the only way to boost its numbers and propel it iinto the New York Times Best Seller List

If you prefer to buy it through Amazon, you'll help its sales rank there as well!  'Snuff' currently sits at #52!  It was at #67 this morning!  Let's get it even higher today, people!

Order 'Snuff' Today!

I'm also aware of the amount of reviews that have begun pouring in, so you have one you want to put on our radar, email me at with 'Snuff review' in the subject header.

Also, don't forget that our Snuff Tour Tshirts are now available! 

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