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Posted by Dennis

'Snuff' Gets A Movie Option!

'Snuff' gets optioned by Fabien Martorell

In the last three years we've seen first Haunted then Rant and then Invisible Monsters all have their movie rights optioned.  To date there doesn't seem to be any substantial progress on any of those projects.  So I tend to not get my hopes up too much whenever another book advances to this first stage towards becoming a motion picture.  Still, the tiny fanboy in me always gets a little excited by the prospect of seeing another one of Chuck's books up on the big screen.  So I will always diligently champion and help foster buzz on these projects as they start this near-impossible task of getting a production greenlight.

This time the movie being developed is for Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk's 2008 novel about porn star Cassie Wright and the largest attempted gang-bang ever to be recorded on screen.  The rights have been optioned by French filmmaker Fabien Martorell.  Fabien is an award winning director who recently moved to Los Angeles.  He directed the feature-length documentary TROMATIZED, MEET LLOYD KAUFMAN and has two other feature scripts in development. 

Here is Fabien's logline for Snuff:

Three men in a crowded basement await their turn at gang-banging – on camera – an aging porn queen and reveal they all have more at stake than simply securing their spot in adult entertainment history.

The script will be written by Karina Wilson and Fabien Martorell himself. 

I also found this interesting, with regards to how Fabien plans to shoot the film:

SNUFF is a Suspense/Thriller sets in the gritty world of adult entertainment. Fabien Martorell would like to shoot SNUFF as a single "closed door" set. The use of flashbacks will aide in the communication of character history, and help sustain a dramatic rhythm.

I'm looking to interview Fabien, as he gears up for development.  We'll discuss locations, casting, budget and more.  Till then, you can learn more about Fabien and his projects at his Official Website.

And be sure to follow progress on Snuff (the movie) at its Facebook page.