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Posted by Dennis

SDCC - Listen To The Entire 50 Min FIGHT CLUB Panel From Comic-Con

You all owe Jeff Goldsmith, of the Q&A Podcast, a round of drinks. The one question I was seeing repeatedly out of Comic-Con this past weekend, was whether or not anyone recorded the FIGHT CLUB panel Saturday night. I was present for it and, man, it was the highlight of the entire convention. The line was enormous (with tons of people not getting in). And Chuck, Fincher and company told stories that had the entire audience enraptured. Collider covered the event here, and i09 called it and Chuck Palahniuk one of the "winners" out of Comic-Con (here). But it turns out, Jeff Goldsmith got the entire damn thing (all 50 mins of it) on audio. 

The panel included Chuck, David Fincher, Gerry Howard, Scott Allie, Cameron Stewart and David Mack. Listen to it in its entirety here -