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Posted by Dennis

Recommendations Section Returns With A Vengeance!

Book and Author Recommendations, from!

A couple years back, we had a beloved section on the site called Palahniuk-esque Authors.  With the help of people like Will Tupper, this section became a mecca on The Cult, where fans of Chuck could explore authors that might fall into the same category of literature. Unfortunately, this section didn't quite survive Drupal.  But it has now returned, with a vengeance... and it's brought some old friends.

Palahiuk-esque has become Palahniukian Authors.  We also have a general Book Recommendations section that is broken down into the following sub-categories:

  • Chuck Approved: Books that Chuck Palahniuk personally recommends.
  • Staff Favorites: Books that we recommend.  (expect this to grow and become more personalized, with individual Staff Rec pages.
  • Member Favorites: As you can now comment on and review books in this section, we have a way to filter the top rated books. 
  • Book Club Selections: Our ever popular Book Club gets some love, as all the past monthly entries are featured here.

Please view all of these new pages.  We think this section is really something special.  Almost every book you'll find inside is tied to an individual author page.  While I'm still yet to give him proper credit, most of the summaries you'll find there were written by Will Tupper, and you can comment and rate on every item included.  Items that are commented on, are treated as Forum posts, and show up in our tracker.

Buy your Amazon shit from!

I'll also mention that, every item that is purchased within these pages, earns us a small commission from  This may not sound that important, but we honestly don't make much income from this site.  So every little bit helps.  Even if you follow a link into Amazon directly through one of our pages and end up buying something unrelated, we still earn a commission.  So you're really helping us keep the site alive.

For those of you that already have Amazon bookmarked in your browser, please change the URL of your bookmark to this:

For now, go check out this new section.  And give a big thanks to Kirk for making this all look so damn pretty.