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Posted by Dennis

'Pygmy' Tour Tshirts Are Here!

New Tshirts are available for the upcoming 'Pygmy' tour!  You may remember that we did this last year and the year before, for 'Snuff' and 'Rant' (respectively).  We initially held off on making these, due to the fact that Chuck is only doing five stops on this tour.  But then three more stops got added to Canada and we suddenly had 8 cities that we could list on the back of the shirt. 

New 'Pygmy' tour Tshirts on ChuckPalahniuk.netNew 'Pygmy' tour Tshirts on

Order your 'Pygmy' tour Tshirts here!

So this is the first time we've ever offered tour Tshirts with Canadian dates included!

Remember, everyone:  We only make these shirts around tour time.  And we make them in limited quantity.  So hurry up and get your orders in!  They'll begin shipping on Wednesday, so apologies to anyone attending the May 5th and May 6th readings.  (then again, do you really want to be that person wearing a shirt, for the concert they're going too?.... or in this case... the author reading you're attending??)

Order your 'Pygmy' tour Tshirts here!

You can click into the above links and see close-ups of the front and back of each Tshirt, including the cities that are listed for the tour.  Men's are available in all sizes and run slightly larger than our previous shirts, which were American Apparel.  Women's are available in the standard youth sizes, like most normal band Tshirts. 

If you have any questions about fitting, please post them in this thread and we will do our best to answer them promptly.  Thank you!