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Posted by Dennis

Pygmy Tour: Check Out Pictures From The Events

Well, the U.S. leg of the 2009 'Pygmy' tour has ended.  Many of you were upset that Chuck was only able to do five cities this time around, not the least of which was Chuck himself.  But as you heard him mention in the recent KPBS interview, he lost his mother recently to cancer and spent a large potion of last year caring for her.  Also don't forget that he was coming off two tours in 2008.  One for the 'Snuff' hardcover and then another one soon after for the 'Choke' movie.

Chuck Palahniuk's 2009 U.S. 'Pygmy' Tour!

What I can tell you is that Chuck has three more locked tour events coming up in Canada.  You can see those dates on our Tour page.  Also, don't forget to Join Operation Havoc and get your pictures in before the events begin!  We have not heard any information yet on whether or not he will be touring overseas.  But the year is young and anything is possible.

For now, we have set up a wonderful new Flickr group that fans have been uploading all of their tour photos too.  You can check out the group by visiting the below link:

If you want to upload your own photos, but have them show in the group, use Flickr tag pygmytour.

Lastly, don't forget that we are currently selling 'Pygmy' Tour Tshirts!  In fact, they've been shipping since last week.  But they are in limited quantities, so don't wait until your size runs out.  Order your shirts today!