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Posted by Dennis

'Pygmy' Is Now Out!

Pygmy, Chuck Palahniuk's latest novel, is now out!Pygmy is now out in bookstores across America.  Chuck usually doesn't need our help doing this, but let's try and get him in the bestseller list again.  In otherwards, don't wait to get your copy.  Rush down to your local bookstore and scoop one up today!  Or, order a copy from Amazon and get your good friends at The Cult a small commission while you're at it:

Order "Pygmy" Today!

I'd like to use this thread as a place to gather reviews that begin appearing online, so if you want to help us out, go ahead and link any reviews you're able to find.  We'll then begin updating the actual Pygmy section on the site with them.

For today, check out this awesome article the Baltimore Sun did on Chuck recently.  Yours truly was interviewed for the piece, and I think it's a great read.

Chuck Palahniuk writes novels with punch

Also don't forget that Chuck's Pygmy tour starts today in Boston, MA!  I'll be doing a separate news post for this soon after.  But if you want the details early...

Chuck Reading in Boston, MA tonight!

Also, don't forget that we have new Pygmy tour Tshirts available for sale.  Shirts will begin shipping this Wednesday. 

Check out the Pygmy shirts here!