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Posted by Dennis

Pre-Order 'DOOMED' Today! Cover Revealed!

 'Doomed' by Chuck Palahniuk

You can now pre-order Chuck Palahniuk's upcoming novel Doomed!  The novel will be released October 8th, 2013.  

Doomed is a sequel to Damned.  Here is the official description:

Having somewhat reluctantly escaped from Hell, she now wanders the Purgatory that is Earth as a ghostly spirit, seeking her do-gooding celebrity parents, fighting the malign control of Satan, recounting the disgracefully funny (to us, anyway) encounter with her grandfather in a fetid highway rest stop in Upstate New York when she . . . oh, never mind, and climaxing in a rendezvous with destiny on the new, totally plastic continent in the Pacific called, not at all accidentally, Madlantis. Dante Alighieri, watch your back, Chuck Palahniuk is gaining on you.

Random House has also announced early preliminary details for a Doomed tour:

*San Diego Comic-Con appearance - July 17-21
No specific date for appearance announced yet.

Monday, 10/7 – Wichita
Tuesday, 10/8 – Tulsa
Wednesday, 10/9 – Houston
Thursday, 10/10 – New Orleans
Friday, 10/11 – Baltimore
Saturday, 10/12 – Milwaukee

Stay tuned for more!