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Posted by Dennis

Operation Havoc: Photo Challenge King Crowned

Winning photo in the Operation Havoc picture contest!Looks like the good people behind Operation Havoc have awarded a winner of thei photo contest.  Chuck himself selected his favorite pic.  See below for an update from their newsletter.

A message to all members of Operation Havoc:

All hail most Glorious King of the Pygmy Photo Challenge. Most deftly has he demonstrated the tactic of Flying Giant Stork Death Kick.

Aaron Bonogofsky is now relishing his copy of Pygmy, inscribed and signed by comrade Chuck Palahniuk.

*To see the favorite photo larger, click the below link or the smaller image to the right:

King Aaron says “Thanks to Chuck for his inspiration, and congrats to everyone who submitted their pictures as they were all awesome!”

Chuck Palahniuk sends "a big Punching Death Python to everyone who participated".

You can click here to see all great photos of maneuvers:

Now it is up to you to spread the mission of Pygmy to all other comrades of Glorious Nation State. Available from most retail distribution centers, or from the internets.

Click here to read from the book:

Click here to buy the book:

Visit Operation Havoc at: