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Posted by Dennis

New Twitter Giveaway! 'Invisible Monsters' iPhone Audiobook App From BlackStone

"Invisible Monsters" audio book by Blackstone AudioHow many of you enjoyed our recent Pygmy iPhone audiobook app giveaway last week?  I'm betting a lot, since we had a ton of photo submissions during the 4 days the giveaway ran on our Twitter page.  Well, you might have noticed we have a gorgeous new leaderboard banner advertising on the site currently.  It's for the new Invisible Monsters app from Blackstone Audio.  This is the entire audiobook, in one $10 iPhone app!  And guess what?

Blackstone Audio is giving away another 10 redemption codes for the full app!  These codes allow you to redeem a free copy of the audiobook from iTunes which you can then sync up with your iPhone.  So you know the drill, folks.  New giveaway... new Twitter promo!

This time the giveaway rules are going to be slightly different.  We have 10 codes to give away and will be splitting it up to five winners for two assignments total.  The first assignment will run today and on through the weekend.  The winners will be selected on Monday morning.  At that time, we'll announce the next assignment, which will award the final five winners.

Today's Assignment: Take a picture of yourself (or use an existing one) and then 'Brandy Alexander' yourself! This basically means, use whatever photo editing software you have (Photoshop, Paint, etc) and make yourself look like you've had the most extreme, over-the-top plastic surgery you can think of!  This content is for girls and boys.  Then make sure you Tweet this photo to our Twitter page @chuckpalahniuk and use the tag #MonstersApp.

Just remember, don't email us your pics or post them here.  Rather, Tweet them to our @chuckpalahniuk Twitter account.  Also, make sure you have an iPhone before you play, as the app won't work anywhere else.