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Posted by Dennis

New Story "Romance" In The August Issue of Playboy

 August 2011 Playboy, featuring the story 'Romance' by Chuck Palahniuk

Looking for something new from Chuck?  Can't wait until October 18th for the release of Damned?  Well you're in luck, because there's a new short story in the August issue of Playboy. The short is called Romance and here's the official word, straight from the Chuckster's mouth:

The story is called "Romance," and it's the most redemptive story I've ever written.  Look for a good, old-fashioned boy-meets-girl love story culminating in the birth of beautiful babies.  I'll be reading it on tour in October for "Damned."

Gotta say, I'm excited to read this one... the story, not the magazine.  Well, the magazine, yes, but the articles in it.  The articles, dammit!!