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Posted by mirka

New Episode: Sorry You Asked with Dr. Josh Bazell!

Welcome to our latest episode of 'Sorry You Asked'', our weekly  video column with author Dr. Josh Bazell

Each week, Dr Bazell, author of Beat the Reaper will answer pressing and compelling medical questions no matter how bizarre or disgusting. This week Dr. Bazell answers...well watch the video!

As always, stay tuned for updates of 'Sorry You Asked', a place where YOU ask the questions, and Josh does the answering (as long as his schedule permits). Watch previous episodes of Sorry You Asked' like "Do Cockroaches Really Get Stuck In People's Ears While They're Sleeping.' here!

And don't miss our exclusive interview with Josh Bazell by Rob Hart, here: Paging Dr. Kickass.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor, and read Beat the Reaper today!

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