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Posted by mirka

'Mother Howl', New Short Story By Craig Clevenger!

Read Craig Clevenger's new short story "mother howl"!We have some great news to share with you today!  Badass author and fan favorite, Craig Clevenger, has relented (after much wheedling on my part,) to share two exclusive short stories!  The first one is called mother howl and can be read in our Author Shorts section.  (The second, subcarrier, will be posted next week.) Both are from his forthcoming novel, Saint Heretic (2010).

In addition, we have a few exciting updates from Craig:  His story 'The Numbers Game' was published last February in the anthology San Francisco Noir Two.  Next week he is heading to Oregon to read both 'Dermaphoria' and 'The Contortionist's Handbook' for Blackstone audio books!

Most exciting OF ALL...drum roll, please... Craig and I have been discussing his return to The Cult as a visiting instructor.  Craig is interested in leading a series of two week long "shotgun" workshops, limited to 12-15 students.  The focus will be geared intensely on one aspect of the writing craft.  These workshops will run throughout the year as his schedule permits. 

We are discussing it further when he returns from narrating the audio books. But we should have an update for you by the end of this month.  So stay tuned for more details as this exciting opportunity develops.

For now, enjoy mother howl, and be sure to check out San Francisco Noir Two!