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Posted by CultAdmin

"Lullaby" Kickstarter Campaign Reaches & Surpasses Its Goal!

Chuck Palahniuk & director Andy Mingo

Launched over a month ago, today we can report that the Kickstarter campaign for Chuck Palahniuk's movie adaptation of Lullaby has not only reached its goal, but surpassed it!

5,186 backers donated $405,189!

Huge congrats to Chuck Palahniuk, who is co-writing the script, Andy Mingo (co-writer of script and director) and Josh Leake (producer). They ran an amazing campaign and we wish them all the success with the film!

Keep an eye here for updates as this movie goes into production. Also be sure to check out the Kickstarter page itself, and then follow Lullaby on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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