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Posted by vigorous puppy

Live! Chuck's Reviews The August 2009 Workshop Anthology Member Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk

The Anthology Project keeps ticking right along.  Linked below, you'll find the latest round of critiques on members' story submissions from Chuck Palahniuk.  You'll need to upgrade to a Premium Account if you'd like to click through and read these stories and/or begin to participate in our amazing online workshop.  The premium membership fee is a small token of support for our ongoing efforts in maintaining the site and bringing you more great things.  Restricting reading access to the stories also helps preserve their pre-publication value for our upcoming book.

Chuck Critiques Top Stories from August 2009

No Sex in the Morning - Keith Buie

These Hands - Kasey Carpenter

This is What Stephanie Says - Jason M. Fylan

Good Deal On a Gun - Blake Moscatello

Careers Day - Adam Saifer

Diamonds - Brandon Tietz

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