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Posted by Dennis

Limited Edition Tour Poster For 'Pygmy' Now Available!

'Pygmy' limited edition tour poster by David Dwitt.Last year, Doubleday commissioned a very talented artist by the name of David Dwitt to design a tour poster for 'Snuff'.  I was actually not aware of this, but those of you who were at some of the events might have seen it.  So I'm happy to report that David has returned this year with a beautiful poster for 'Pygmy'.

David only has 200 of these posters available!  So I urge you all to gobble it up before the tour starts by visiting the below link.  Poster is only $20!  If you're attending any of the stops and have it by then, you can have Chuck sign it in person!

David also have some posters left from the 'Snuff' tour stop in MPLS at the Triple Rock here:

This is the only tour merchandise that David has available this year, so hurry before they all go!  I personally can't wait to frame this thing and hang it in my office.