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Posted by Dennis

Kevin Tong's 'Rant' Posters Now Available!

For all you patient kiddies, today is the day you can order your own 'Rant' poster, designed by Kevin Tong.  This is the image used on the shirt Kevin also designed us, and really, it's a work of art.  This is getting framed and going on my wall.   Check out the above video of Kevin designing the image for the Tshirt and poster. 

These posters are limited edition.  Only 200 have been printed.  Once they're gone... they're gone.  They cost $30 and you can order them here.

Poster specs: It’s a 18 X 24 inch, four color, screen printed poster on 80 lb. Wausau Astrobright Cover Paper in an edition of 200, signed and numbered

Kevin Tong previously created posters for two other Tshirts he designed us:  Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.  The guy is really a genius.  If you live anywhere in the California area, you have to visit one of his shows to see his other prints.

Here is where he'll be next:

Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles
December 11-12, 2010
Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The first ever Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Los Angeles. With over 250 of today’s finest indie-craft talents setting up shop for holiday shoppers. Admission is free.

Renegrade Craft Fair San Francisco
December 18-19, 2010
Concourse Exhibition Center- East Hall
620 7th St, San Francisco, CA
Check out over 200 of the nation’s finest indie-craft talents for your last minute holiday shopping needs. Don’t miss this incredible craft, art, design and DIY event! Admission is free.

The posters are $30. 

Order Here!