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Posted by vigorous puppy

July Workshop Finalists in Chuck's Hands Today!

Photo by Harley SoltesSo you've cruised this site now and again for months or even years.  It's a great resource for all news related to one of your favorite authors.  It's also a great community, bringing together book lovers, subculture supergeeks, and aspiring authors from every English-speaking nook and cranny of the globe.  Maybe you've even jumped into the conversation a little bit, with a free membership granting access to our forums.  You've made some friends here.  

But what's the deal with the Workshop and why bother with the Premium Membership?  Among other great reasons, the top six selections from the Workshop each month get reviewed by Chuck Palahniuk .  And we're working on an Anthology of the best stories for 2010!  Chuck has promised to write the introduction himself, as well as promote the collection while he's out on tour.

Could your own story appear in a collection that Chuck will pimp before his full-capacity crowds of hungry readers?  Come Join us in the Workshop and find out!

For those already in the know, use your Premium access to have a look at the latest top selections, on their way to Chuck right now.

Melody - MDEVITO1973

Plucked - cnicholson

Mr. Stack - paper-crane

Flash - frazdan

The Waiting Room - TW Jones

Zombie Whorehouse - Wil Dalton

Congratulations to the authors featured here.  And keep up the great work!


Mark Vanderpool
Writers Workshop Admin

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