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Posted by Dennis

Join St. Helen's Book Shop's 'INVISIBLE MONSTERS REMIX' Party. Tickets On Sale Now!

Chuck Palahniuk signs books at St. Helen's Book ShopChuck's west coast tour for the upcoming INVISIBLE MONSTERS REMIX release is happening this July, but before all of that, St. Helen's Book Shop is kicking things off in style with a signing party. If you don't know, Chuck has a very special relationship with this local Portland bookstore. For every book release, he visits them and not only signs all of their inventory, but takes personally inscribed custom orders via their website. This is the only store that Chuck has this arrangement with. 

For the main Invisible Monsters Remix tour, Chuck will unfortunately only be pre-signing copies of the new book. But this St. Helen's Book Shop event is the exception! Here are the details:

June 21
Portland, OR
St. Helen's Book Shop, 630p
Event is happening at the Bing Lounge
Ticketed Event. Details here.
Join the Facebook Page for this event.

This is a reading and a signing with Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia Yuknavitch (The Chronology of Water). Drinks, food and mingling will abound!

Here is some more thorough details from the event's coordinator:

Brandy Alexander and the St. Helens Book Shop invite you to celebrate the release of the Invisible Monsters Remix, Tuesday June 21st at the Bing Lounge.  Brandy hopes you will enjoy mingling with Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia Yuknavitch, sampling New Deal’s fabulous vodka, eating some yummy apps, and generally hob-knobbing with Brandy’s people.

As if that wasn’t enough, your ticket gets you your own inscribable copies of Invisible Monsters, and Chronology of Water! And of course Chuck will be there, so who knows what other goodies might come your way!!!

Tickets are only $100! Of course you want a ticket!  You better be quick!  There are only one hundred available, and they’re going fast!

How do you get yours? Call St. Helens Book Shop at 503-397-4917 or find them online at

Purchase your ticket and reserve your seat here.

Join the Facebook page for the Remix party here.