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Posted by Dennis

Join Our Official Book Club! - September Discussion "Transubstantiate"

'Transubstantiate' by Richard Thomas, our September Book Club DiscussionYou know the drill, folks.  Every month a new book is selected and a new moderator steps up to lead the discussion.  This month, our reading is already underway on Richard Thomas' neo-noir Transubstantiate

After 3 years as a workshop regular and Master Class student, Richard Thomas placed his novel with a small press.  He's something of a success story from our site.  Hell, we even interviewed him about it.  (read it here)

If you've read Transubstantiate (or plan to) and would like to join in on the open discussion, simply:

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Here's a snippet from Oxyfication review:

Casual brutality, sex, and disorder: the heroes of noir have never been terribly endearing to the heart, but the seven nihilistic souls of Richard Thomas’ Transubstantiate seem like they were born ruined, and are likely to die that way. The story draws heavily on all the beloved accouterments of the neo-noir tradition—fractured narratives; cynicism; disorientation; ruthless beatings—but the story branches out into other areas, exploring themes of mysticism and the unknowable, even broaching the peripheral terrors of Lovecraftian horror.

Upcoming Book Club Selections!

If you'd like to get in on the action over at Book Club, you can see what we have planned down the line:

October 2010 - Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart
November 2010 - Candy by Luke Davies
December 2010 - Blank Gaze (or The Implacable Order of Things) by Jose Luis Peixoto
January 2011 - Invisible by Paul Auster
February 2011 - Out of Touch by Brandon Tietz
March 2011 - Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis
April 2011 - Victoria by Knut Hamsun
May 2011 - Stranger Will by Caleb Ross
June 2011 - We Are Oblivion by Michael Sonbert

All discussions are open to anyone.  You just need to be registered to the site so you can login to our forums, where the threads for each book discussin are kept.

If you have any questions about Book Club, you may post them in the forums and our moderator Pete Goutis will be quick to help you out.

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