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Posted by Dennis

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts Are Back... With 'Tell-All' Posters!

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts

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UPDATE: We are running low on Fight Club Tshirts in the Creme color.  We are not sure when we will print another run of this shirt, so consider this your head's up!  If you want one of our Fight Club shirts, now would be a good time to order one.

We just received a new shipment of our popular Invisible Monsters Tshirts.  We had previously sold out of a lot of our popular sizes of this shirt about three months back, but now all sizes are back!  But wait, there's more!  The first 100 people to order any store items will receive the rare Tell-All poster with their order... free!

'Tell-All' poster

These posters sold out soon after Chuck concluded his tour, but the good people at Random House stumbled upon a left-over batch in their offices and were nice enough to donate them our way.

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts

The Invisible Monsters shirts are available in Asphalt and Navy and are made by American Apparel. See a size chart here.  Check out a high-rez close-up of the Kevin Tong design in Navy and Asphalt.

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts

Order A Shirt!

One last thing!  I want to remind you to not be shy!  If you have one of our Invisible Monsters shirts and think you look awesome in it, snap a pic and send it our way.  Not only will we post it on our Flickr, but it will also go up in our Tshirt gallery.

Andrew Eststrate & his girlfriend model our 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt

For all you bold ones out there, email your pics here.